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Cedar Park Associates provides computer consulting and research services to health, community, social science organizations, small businesses and students. Our computer services are focused to ensure that small businesses and community organizations have the information and technology they need to succeed. Our research services and expertise lie within the health and community services domain. As an organization, we are particularly concerned with issues pertaining to health, community development, housing, substance abuse, sexual minorities and children. We envision ourselves as "computers with a conscious".  With that in mind, we offer special rates to select nonprofit groups and to students.  

Company Profile

After years of working independently, Edward Amato and Bean Fairbanks consolidated their skills and resources into a formal partnership.  Restructured and renamed Cedar Park Associates in 1996, the partnership began to offer full spectrum research services in addition to our consulting and data entry offerings.  In response to customer demand, we have offered a variety of web based services since 1998.  Today, Cedar Park Associates  provides a virtual buffet of computer related and design services for the small business as well as our comprehensive research services.

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